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Professional Locksmith Services in Palm Beach, Broward

Unlocking, Installing & Repairing Safes in Fort Lauderdale

safe unlocking

In this modern age of improved technology and security, safes are now available in many different options. They provide a tested and proven method for the security of records and valuables in your home or business, protecting items from loss by fire, theft and other hazards. Selecting the right model is vital, as is trusting dependable technicians for safe unlocking, installing, repairing and other critical services. Turn to Ben’s Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, your locksmith professionals since 2007. Our experts are ready to help with your fire, jewelry, gun, floor or wall safe using XO7, XO8, XO9 and other types of locks. We provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Safe installation
  • Safe repair
  • Combination changes
  • Lost combinations
  • Lockouts

Trust Us for Service on Your Gun Safe, Too

Like many gun owners, you’re also concerned about keeping your firearms secure. General threats that you might be concerned about include burglary, fires, snooping children, humidity or flood damage. Gun safes are the perfect solution to ensure that no one else will find, retrieve or harm your firearms. Additionally, innovative advancements have been developed in the last several decades. Besides traditional versions, you can also opt for biometric models that require your unique identifiers to reveal their contents. Typically, they rely on your fingerprints, which are recorded during the installation phase and encrypted by a tiny computer inside. In addition to installing these devices, Ben’s Locksmith can unlock, fix or provide lockout services for them as well.

Serving Broward & Surrounding Counties

What else does Ben’s Locksmith assist with besides safes and strongboxes? The answer is right in our name. We’re a trusted area locksmith, available 24/7. When you need services for residential, commercial or industrial locks in Fort Lauderdale, call us at 954-200-1889.